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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a waitlist for your kittens?
    Our kittens are world class, and as such we take the time to screen every application for guardianship we receive. You must be pre-approved to adopt one of our kittens so that we can ensure they are going to the very best home possible. Maine Coon cats are extremely desirable due to their affectionate nature and large size. Often called the most dog like of all the cat breeds. Because kittens are in such a high demand we like to give every single pre approved guardian the same opportunity to adopt a kitten. When you have been approved as a guardian, you'll be able to log into the website. A group notification to all pre approved guardians is sent out when kittens become available and reservations are open. The only special preference given is to buyers who would like to adopt 2 kittens from the same litter or repeat buyers who are placed unto a special priority list, and then are given first access to reserve new kittens.
  • Is AristoCoon Cat Cattery a registered Cattery?
    We are proudly a TICA registered cattery.
  • How many Maine Coon kittens do you have per year?
    We have roughly 2 litters per year at this time available for adoption.
  • Do you have any kittens available?
    Kittens are reserved very quickly. Check the page 'Available kittens' to see information about upcoming expected litters, newborn kittens, and if any kittens are currently available.
  • How do I reserve one of your kittens?
    Follow the simple process under section 'adoption' page.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Conway, SC.
  • How much are AristoCoon Cattery kIttens?
    Maine Coon Kittens are $3,500 (pets). Breeding rights are higher, only available to registered and approved catteries.
  • What are Maine Coons like, personality and temperament?
    There is a good reason they known as the gentle giant of the cat world. Although their size can be intimating for some, they are very gentle, social and loving cats. Each cat will have his or her own personality, but specific temperament traits can be breed in through the parents genetics. Our kittens are the most loving, friendly and socialize kittens around.
  • How big do Maine Coon cats get?
    As the largest domesticated cat breed in the world, Maine Coon cats are very large when they are fully mature. However, they process takes twice as long as the average house cat! Maine Coon cats are know for take 4-5 years to fully finish growing. They can up to 16 inches tall and whooping 40 inches long, and weighting up to 25 lbs.
  • Are Maine Coons good with dogs and other pets?
    Not only are they great with dogs, small children and other cats, Maine Coons are known as the dog-like cat. They will play fetch, follow their person from room to room, and are exceptionally loyal.
  • How long do Maine Coons live?
    The average life expectancy of a Maine Coon is 12 to 15 years old.
  • Are Maine Coons hypoallergenic?
    No, they are not. They also require regular grooming due to their long fluffy coat.
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