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Kitten on the Stairs

What is included when you adopt an AristoCoon Kitten? 

1. A Gold Standard pure bred Maine Coon kitten raised in a the best environment for temperament and development. 

2. Photos of your kitten each week as they grow and develop.

3. A personality assessment of your Maine Coon kitten.

4. Registration papers for kitten with the The International Cat Association (TICA)

5. Spay/Neuter

6. Free microchipping

7. Two sets of FVRCP Vaccinations 

8. A kitten carrier and personalized toy to take home with your forever friend!

Please Note: The pricing of our Maine Coon kittens is subject to change at anytime. 


Maine Coon Adoption Process

The basics of adopting a kitten

Maine Coon kitten

Step 1- Become a pre-approved guardian ​

Complete the adoption application. If you are approved, you will be invited to create a username and login to the AristoCoonCat webpage, and be signed up for text message notification for when kittens become available. 

Step 2- Reserve your Kitten

When kittens become available for reservation a text message notification will be sent out to all pre-approved guardians. You will able to log into the website and reserve your kitten. Reservation fees are $500 per kitten. This is a non refundable deposit made to keep your kitten until they are ready to go to their forever home. 

Step 3 - Arrange for the pick up of your kitten

Kittens will be available to pick up between 14-16 weeks of age!

Delivering Package

Things to Note

red Maine Coon cat

AristoCoonCat's does not have a 'waiting list'. All pre approved guardians will be notified when kittens become available and reservation is open. Therefore, everyone has the same opportunity to reserve a kitten!   

*Priority will be given to repeat buyers, and those who want siblings from the same litter.*


If you are shopping for the cheapest Maine Coon kittens available, AristoCoon Cat's kittens may not be for you. Our higher prices reflect the time, skill, and dedication we put into breeding only the gold standard of Maine Coon kittens. Our kittens prices start at $3,500.


Our stud is an extremely large, and rare Red Silver Shaded Pure Bred Russian Maine Coon. Our queen is a High Silver Shaded Tabby Pure Bred Russian Maine Coon. Their gorgeous kittens are mix of black silver shaded, black silver tabbies, black torties, and rare light silver torties. 

What is the 'Gold Standard' exactly? 

white Maine Coon
silver Maine Coon

Let's talk about what exactly the 'Gold Standard' means, and what sets AristoCoonCat's kittens apart. ​

The Maine Coon Breed Standard.

Having a pedigree cat is a completely different world than a traditional house cat. Pedigree cats have been specifically bred to exhibit physical traits and markers of the breed. Cat Clubs around the world have set these standards which all pure bred cats should meet, known as "the breed standard". Most pet owners are unaware of the breed standard for their cats, whether they are pedigree cats or not. This falls on the responsibly of breeders to ensure they are meeting the breed standard and preserving the integrity of the line.Unfortunately, many breeders just love the breed, and fail to ensure the cats in their breeding program meet the breed standard. AristoCoonCats takes this role extremely seriously, and places a large level of time and energy into preserving the Maine Coon line.

The Temperament of our Kittens

Most breeders will focus on the overall look of the cat and spend little time assessing the temperament before breeding. It is a common breeding mistake, as temperament is passed on from generation to generation. One of the of the most common reasons for desiring a Maine Coon is because of their record for having the best temperament among cats. Friendly, affectionate, playful, and intelligent. These cats are in a league of their own. Our Maine Coons are bred to have the best temperament you can find, and our kittens are socialized from birth, which is why our breeding program is so small. You will frequently find our Maine Coon's laying near the children overseeing schoolwork, requesting belly rubs on the couch, and giving you one light trill to tell you how loved you are. They are exceptional with small children, loyal to the highest degree, and a step above other cats. 

The Health & Wellness

The health and wellness of our cats is the top priority. All kittens will be spayed or neutered before they can be adopted, have a clean bill of health, and be up to date on vaccines. Additionally, our care extends beyond veterinary care and into the home and environment the cats are living in. Stressful living situations can cause chronic illnesses in felines, and to put it straight, our cats live as the kings and queens they are. Free access to run, jump, and explore. Our cats have free roam throughout our home. You will frequently find Mischa perching on top of our bookshelves looking down at the household. They are monitored for signs of stress, and overall contentment daily. We are able to provide 24/7 care and activities for our cats and kittens, which makes your kitten happier and thus healthier overall. 

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