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Maine Coons the best family pet!

Maine Coons Best Family Pet: The Ideal Feline Companion

Maine Coons are a breed of cat that requires a loving and affectionate family who has the time to play and include them in their daily activities. They are patient and get along well with kids, dogs, and other cats. Although they can be left alone for short periods, they are not happy being alone for extended periods. They most certainly miss you while you are away a work, and show you when you home. Expect a puppy dog-like greeting at the door when you have been away from your Maine Coon for too long. 


Maine Coons can enjoy the water, depending on the cat, including playing in the water during bath time, but it also means that they might follow you into the shower or want to play while you're doing dishes. These cats are quiet, but they love to communicate with their humans. You might be surprised by their soft voice.

Maine Coons make great family pets for those who have the time, and attention to give to them. If you are looking for a loving and adoring feline friend, you won't be disappointed with a Maine Coon.

white Maine Coon kitten, Maine Coon kitten white, baby Maine Coon
White Maine Coon kitten hanging out with her teen friend!


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