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Truly, one of a kind. Maine Coon fast facts.

Red orange Maine Coon cat Maine Coon kitten red Maine Coon orange Maine Coon
Maine Coons fluffy coats keep them warm

If you are thinking of getting a Maine Coon, lets talk about some fast Maine Coon Facts! The Maine Coon is a cat breed that boasts of its massive size and powerful, muscular body. With large, pointed ears held wide and tall, they give off an intelligent, confident, and fierce look. They are often thought to be relatives of the minx but genetic testing doesn't confirm this theory. 


The Maine Coon coat is spectacular and is one of the attributes that make people think they could be considered miniature lions. Their long, thick coat, consisting of an undercoat covered by a glossy, waterproof top coat, screams durability. The attractive tufts on their ears and paws make them even more striking.


Moreover, their spectacular tails should always be at least as long as their body, providing them with additional insulation. Their coat grows as their size grows, so don't expect your two-year-old Maine Coon to be quite as fluffy as a four-year-old Maine Coon. Maine Coon cats reach their full size, or full coat, until 4 to 5 years of age! 


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